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KKFI 101

January 12, 2016


Mural at the Gilead Center

Upon arriving at the Gilead Center we received a quick version of KKFI 101. KKFI (Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc.) is the United Methodist run organization that is working to educate children and equip them to climb out of poverty. It’s been around for 66 years and is still looking to expand their programs to include things like housing for retired pastors. That’s right…after dedicating their lives to the church and serving God and others, these pastors can’t even afford a home in retirement. 

KKFI’s basic structure consists of teaching people to acquire:

1. Formal Education

2. Alternative Delivery Modes of Education (When kids get disengaged and drop out at a young age, it takes creativity to pull them back in. Examples we’ve seen this week include teaching under a mango tree or holding life skills classes on a basketball court.)

3. Soft skills-value, culture, spirituality 

4. Life skills

5. Job skills

They also provide a lot of LOVE…learning opportunities through volunteer engagement. 

That’s where we come in. Our group consists of 14 LaGrange College students, one Biology professor, one Religion professor, two UMC pastors (myself included), and a lay member. Together with the KKFI staff we’re teaming up to explore several of the programs that help provide food, transportation, education, slippers (flip-flops), dignity, hope, transformation, and most importantly…dreams. 


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