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Juticalpa Culture 

October 12, 2015

Looking back at pictures from our week, there’s always more to pick up on than you can take in a once. Remembering our first Sunday morning, our team left the hotel and made a quick visit to the church in Juticalpa. Normally we get there a later when worship is already in progress, but today we were a little early. We were able to walk around and see things without worrying about interrupting the service.

There were saints all around the church, but only one was decked out with flowers and candles. I asked Martha which saint got such special treatment, and at first I thought she said “San Francisco”, until I realized she was saying “St. Francisco” which is the Spanish version of St. Francis. She said they decorated him almost every day for any occasion.

There was also a table outside the church where they were selling trinkets and bibles and rosaries. You could get any color rosary, including glow-in-the-dark (in case you wake up in the dark and just gotta pray) and even some rose scented beads made from the wood of a rose bush (hence the name “rose-ary”). It’s always fun seeing churches in other cultures and comparing how things are done in each new place.

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