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Back on the Farm

October 5, 2015

Sunday afternoon we arrived home at Rancho Paraiso. There’s something so familiar about driving into the gate and seeing the dorms with brightly colored hammocks strung up on the porch, blue mountains in the background with the steam from last night’s rain swirling around in the valleys, and the smell of cows wafting across the breeze. 

This is my fifth trip to Honduras with my third church, and this week we have the same host as my very first time…Martha (pronounced Marta). I love her sense of humor and the way she calls us her babies. I love how she claims her English is not very good even though we understand every word she says. When I first came seven years ago I was a less adventurous eater and declared myself a vegetarian for the week just to be safe. There was just something about touring the ranch seeing the cows, pigs and chicken clucking around, then having pollo for lunch. The last several years I have overcome my squeamishness and enjoyed every bit of what they serve, yet Martha still remembered today, so many years later, “Julia, you a vegetarian, no?” Not this year Martha, but thanks for remembering. 

The cool thing about coming back is seeing all the things that have changed. New this year is a garden where they grow vegetables like sweet potatoes (Marta: you Americans really like those!), green peppers, carrots, cabbage, and more. Next to the garden were some really large brown things (like giant eggplants) that grew down from a tree and weighed heavily until they plopped to the ground. We asked Martha what they were called since we had never seen one. In perfect. In perfect Martha fashion she responded “Umm, I don’t remember. You can eat it, but you will die.” 


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  1. Kathy permalink
    October 6, 2015 2:14 am

    So happy to hear your report. We are praying for you.

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