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World Communion around the World

October 4, 2015

All across the world this morning churches are breaking out the bread and filling the cup to share the body of Christ. It’s World Communion Sunday, which seeks to unite Christians of all churches, all denominations, all nations together. It’s a reminder that while we may not always agree on the method of baptism, the best type of music, or the particular interpretation behind many scriptures, one thing we can all agree on is the significant power of Holy Communion. Through the sacrament we are connected to the Holy Spirit that fills the bread and wine and offers us grace and forgiveness. To be reminded that all across the world people are receiving flat pita, sweet Hawaiian bread, crusty French loaf, tortillas, naan, croissants, and more connects us in a way that breaks through any language barriers or country borders. 
At my church in Vinings the Communion Table is adorned with stoles and fabrics I have received or collected from around the world. There’s the sarong a Tongan handed me during a worship service in Fiji, the elephant embroidered doily the doctor gave me after we help in his hospital in India, and the clergy stoles I collected from India, Jerusalem, and Honduras. These are what brighten the Communion Table at Vinings, but I am not in Vinings to celebrate or even see it. 

Instead I am with a group from five different churches, two different states, and a whole host of Hondurans. Our mission team of 11 traveled down yesterday to join a mother/daughter team from Kentucky, and together we were greeted by many familiar faces from HOI. Today we finish the journey to Rancho El Paraiso in the Agalta Valley where we will stay this week. And tonight we will gather together to break tortilla and share juice and remember that no matter where we are in the world, the body of Christ was broken for us, the blood was shed for us. We will remember that no matter which church we belong to or which language we speak or where we travel, the Holy Spirit goes before us to guide the way. And for that we give thanks. 

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