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Something old, something new

October 15, 2014

The first time I came to Honduras I was overwhelmed with all of the new things to take in…new culture, mannerisms, pace of living. And the poverty. Oh the poverty. I had never seen anything like it before. Riding from Tegucigalpa to Juticalpa I tried to capture everything in pictures: from the beautiful green mountains, the cow herds blocking the road, the women balancing buckets of water on their heads, and so much more. I was so afraid I would miss something. This time around it’s my fourth trip here, and the sights and sounds, the smells and customs are more familiar. I can relax as we drive through the rolling mountains, weaving our way up the steep cliffs and down around the Agalta Valley. I don’t feel the need to capture every moment on camera because I know I’ll remember the best moments forever. Yet it’s still fun to see Honduras from a newcomer’s perspective. Out of our group of 13 people, 11 are first timers in this country, and many are on their first mission trip. It’s great to see what they notice, what they get excited or sad about, and hear what questions they ask. No matter how many times I come, every year is still a new experience, new relationships are formed, and new connections bond between the body of Christ as we learn to live, serve and love together.

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