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June 24, 2014

In was a long day of travel on Saturday, with three different flights from Eleuthera to Nassau, to Detroit (what?), to Atlanta, but we were grateful to arrive home safe and sound after a great mission trip in the Bahamas. There’s always a little bit of letdown after returning from a mission trip, as you face reality once more and realize that not everyone around you had just experienced such an encouraging, hope-filled, fun, and inspiring week. So in memory of the good times we had this week, here are a few of the favorite quotes heard around worksites, Camp Symonnette, and traveling around the island.


“7 Hours!”–Shouted as a reminder anytime someone was about to do something stupid (cliff diving, attempting to jump off the roof, using a power tool for the first time). There are no hospitals on the Island of Eleuthera, so it would be a minimum of 7 hours before getting a flight to an island with a hospital. In other words, it was a warning not to get hurt.

“We’re on Island Time.”–Island Time is now our time. If flights show up an hour and a half late…it’s ok. If dinner doesn’t get served right on schedule…no worries. If power tools, wood, or other worksite supplies are “on their way”…we just wait until they arrive. Island Time means it happens when it happens, and all is well.

“I’m so done.”–Mimi–after seeing the wasps swarming around their worksite.

Mimi working hard on the roof.

Mimi working hard on the roof.

“I don’t eat da ends on my sandwich because my life don’t end.”–Smokey–lunchtime wisdom from our worksite leader.

Smokey, after showing off his expertise carpentry skills, had one nail that just didn’t want to go in, and bent itself this way and that until he gave up, exclaiming, “Da nail want ta dance.”

Smokey--our worksite leader.

Smokey–our worksite leader.

Walking down to the local convenience store for a cold drink one night, we noticed Titanic was playing on the store’s TV. Sammye: “I’ve never seen this movie all the way to the end. I mean, I know how it ends.” Susannah: “Wasn’t it a book first?” Me: “Um, it was an actual event first.”

Several of the Tennessee girls talking about how they entertained themselves while roofing.–“We just kept making up songs all day. Shingle bell, shingle bell, shingle bell rock! All the shingle ladies, all the shingle ladies!”

Larisa, pointing above up into the dusk sky: “Hey Julie, did you just see that huge bat above your head?” Intern Josh: “Um, that’s actually a moth.” (It was a really big moth!)

Sarah: “I took off my socks and saw red. I thought my toes were bleeding. Turns out my nail polish had melted off and was stuck to my sock. It’s that hot!”

Looking at the water in the bay–Me: “Oh look! Is that a stingray?” Sammye: “It looks like one. Do you think it’s alive?” Me: “Oh, nope. It’s just an old washcloth.”

Finding some crazy things in the water...conch shells, an old shoe, fish jawbones.

Finding some crazy things in the water…conch shells, an old shoe, fish jawbones.

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