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Hidden God

June 21, 2014


Friday we had some time to explore the island. I’m always a little conflicted about a “tourist day” while on a mission trip. The point of these trips is not to take an expensive vacation. The point is to come and serve others and be the hands and feet of Christ. But it is exciting to learn more about the community in which you have been serving, and it helps you appreciate the culture when you fully immerse yourself in it. It also helps to stimulate the economy when you bring a crew of teenagers who love to shop.

So this morning we drove out to the “Glass Window Bridge,” which used to be a naturally arched bridge between two narrow parts of the island, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea. On the Atlantic side you see the dark blue choppy waters, casting its spray up onto the rocks. On the Caribbean side you see the clear turquoise waters as calm as glass. The duality of the scene was pretty incredible as you looked from one side to the other, and it served as a perfect metaphor for the complexity of life as we deal with such extremes of pure joy, utter annoyance, total contentment and longing for meaning and depth.

Being in tourist mode, we all hopped off the bus to take a look around and snap some panoramic photos. But the really cool part came later, when I was looking back at my pics from the day. What I didn’t notice at the time, but what caught my eye in the photos, is what was written on the concrete below our group shot. On the road barriers was printed “God Bless the Bahamas” and “Made for Ministry of Works.” We didn’t realize at the time, but God was underneath us supporting us the entire time.


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