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Methodist Mission Moments

June 20, 2014
Hanging out on our newly built porch roof.

Hanging out on our newly built porch roof.

The last shingle was laid on our newly constructed porch as the final work day came to a close. It was a great week, and we had some pretty impressive work to show for all our hard labor. There were a few ups and downs to the week, a few last nerves and frustrations as new people learned how to work together, but the sense of community had grown among our group as we sweat together, learned new skills and invited in the Holy Spirit to serve among us.

There’s always a sense of accomplishment mixed with sadness as you say goodbye to the worksite along with the family you’ve been serving. But the emotions are nothing a trip to the beach can’t fix. There’s nothing like some Caribbean ocean water to wash off the layers of bug spray, sunscreen, sweat, concrete, sawdust, and shingle debris.

8 hours at the worksite for 1 hour at the beach...totally worth it.

8 hours at the worksite for 1 hour at the beach…totally worth it.

Our work here may be done, but our story is just beginning. There were so many moments shared among the youth and adults, the Bahamians and the interns. So many conversations that peeled away the layers of awkwardness and insecurity. So many stories of hope, excited expectations for the future, ambitions of changing the world and the optimism to believe that it really will happen. It is refreshing and inspiring and I can’t wait to share…when the Internet is a little less spotty and I don’t risk looking antisocial with my nose buried in my phone.


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