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Even 1,000 Words Could Never Be Enough

February 9, 2012

Honduras never really leaves you, once you’ve been. This is why I continue to write and share stories throughout the year of our adventures there. But this story I cannot take credit for. Kinsey Snell shared a beautifully crafted story of one of her favorite moments we spent together that week. I share it now in preparation for our upcoming informational meeting about Honduras 2012 (Kinsey wrote this months ago, I’m just the slacker who’s taking so long to post it). On Sunday, February 12th at noon anyone is invited to come learn more about our next trip overseas. But we cannot tell you why you should go…you simply have to experience it. So allow Kinsey’s words to give you a glimpse into the experience.

Even 1,000 Words Could Never Be Enough

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…but as I look back over my pictures of our trip to Honduras, I am realizing that not even 1,000 words would be enough to paint a picture of our time there.

You see, pictures don’t capture the feel of the hot sun burning your skin…or the breeze that simultaneously cools it. Pictures don’t capture the sound of a dozen children laughing or the sound of a rain storm headed your way over the mountain top. There isn’t a camera that can record the way your heart feels when you make a connection with a new friend…or the way it breaks when the time comes to say goodbye.

The picture below captures a brief moment in time, but it could never tell the whole story.

ImageThe boy to the left wearing the ball cap has a brown horse. We taught him to say “my horse” in English. Every five minutes or so, you would hear him whispering to himself “my horse, my horse” as he desperately tried to ingrain the two English words into his memory. 

ImageThe man in the blue shirt lifting the piece of wood in the background is Enjenio. He dug the hole for the latrine at his house all by himself. It took him five days and he used nothing more than a shovel and a stick with a blade on it. When we finished the latrine at his house, he and members of his family came here to help build a latrine for Julia (Hulia). Julia is a single mom with five precious children.

The man with the accordion never said a word. It was so overwhelming when he began to play. We loved it. The children loved it – and they laughed when we needed the space where he was sitting so he moved into the outhouse and continued playing – watching us work as he played through a gap in the wood. He played for almost an hour. This was one of my favorite moments in Honduras.

The picture doesn’t show the six or seven other children standing with us, enjoying the music … or Julia’s baby boy sitting barefoot at the top of the hill to the right of the picture. You can’t see the photographer in this picture – Oscar (Scott Watkins) – having been mere acquaintances just a week before, it was an honor to share in this moment with someone I now considered to be a great friend and brother.


From simply looking at this picture, you wouldn’t know that the man in the red shirt, Nelson, was one of our drivers. Under no obligation to help us with the work, Nelson had a hand in at least three of the eight latrines we built in the village.

It was getting late in the day. Julie (down in the hole) had been laying bricks all morning with Nelson and Scott, while Dan and I played soccer and helped Cathy make crafts with the kids at the school. By this time in the afternoon, the clouds were building and we were trying to wrap things up for before the afternoon showers rolled in. We could hear the rain in the distance. When the rain started, we huddled under Julia’s porch … and the others huddled together in the outhouse while the shower passed. 


So maybe a picture is worth 1,000 words, but for moments like this … 1,000 words could never be enough.

I hope you enjoy some additional pictures that help to tell the rest of the story of the wonderful afternoon at Julia’s house.

Kinsey Snell



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  1. April 5, 2012 4:46 pm

    wow. Can this please be a slide show and sermon? Seriously. I am terrified of spiders, I have NEVER wanted to go on a mission trip….but this post is pushing me closer to considering it.

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